"When it Comes to Relationships Build Bridges not a Wall"

Develop tools in how to communicate effectively and argue fairly. 

Re-discover roles and how to be an effective member in your family and relationships.

What to Expect

The Initial Session
During the first session you will meet with Dr. Jubik and discuss what issues you are experiencing, what you have tried and what your goals are. By having a picture of what is going one, struggles can be prioritized and worked through. It will also help determine which program is best suited for you and how many sessions are needed to achieve individual results. 
Four Programs
Program A: Couples Coaching with the Horses
Program B: Virtual Couples Coaching
Program C: Individual Coaching with the Horses
Program D:Individual Virtual Coaching Experience
The Work
We will focus on the issues and tackle them one by one. From my experience, it is my belief that individuals and couples have taken a long time to get to this point and an hour a week is not enough time to develop tools to make substantial change. I will also provide weekly homework assignments, which we will go over weekly. I ask all my clients to keep a daily journal to reflect on their week and bring to sessions each week. I will also teach my clients how to argue fairly, learn the art of listening and communicate effectively, which will allow you to be heard.
    How Horses can Help
The horses are there to assist people to reconnect with their emotions, understand their triggers, recreate healthy behaviors and help people understand how their actions effect others. What is learned in each two hour session with the horses can easily be applied in real life settings.


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