Dr. Jennifer Shelden-Jubik


Dr. Jen as she likes her clients to call her, has been in the helping field since 1995, Between 1995-1998 she volunteered at a riding center for children with disabilities and then volunteered to work as a crises hotline interventionist as part of her undergraduate work. In her graduate work studies for counseling, she has had over 4 years working as a counselor at a treatment center for alcohol and drugs. Dr Jen began researching other modalities of treatment and came across coaching. The idea to combine horses in a life coaching program appeared to be a perfect fit, as clients could focus on the hear and now and not have to worry about having labels put on them. Dr. Jen also recently completed her PsyD in Psychology in Fall of 2019 and fulfilled her final requirement which was to create a research project for her dissertation. The topic was on therapeutic outcomes comparing equine assisted psychotherapy to other modalities to treat PTSD in members of the military. As she looks back at her experiences, she has decided to pursue coaching full-time and focus on relationships and individual issues.

On a Personal Note

I have been together with my husband since 2004 and we married back in 2006. We have had several adventures together, including him supporting me during the loss of my mother in 2009 and helping me care for my father from 2009 until he passed in 2013.  We have made time to take mini holidays throughout the year, mainly weekend trips and taking out dogs camping. We have spent our lives loving each other during the good times and the stressful times; but we know no matter what happens, we have vowed to be there for each other. We have learned through the years in how to listen to each other and communicate so we can be heard. Marriage is one of the hardest jobs we have had and are grateful for each other day in and day out. We do not have children, but we have had a slew of animals over the years including Labradors, horses, ponies and chickens. We adore our animals, as they are family and would go to the moon and back for them.

History and what we do

Strides for Empowerment was founded in 2008, when I lived in Michigan. In 2009, my husband and myself had a life change, and moved to South Carolina, where I re-opened Strides in 2009. I have since successfully  helped with a full spectrum of clients dealing with a variety of issues, such as rebuilding broken relationships, substance use/addictions and guided individuals to break the cycle of low self-worth to the empowered self. I utilized goal-focused coaching while teaching healthy relationship tools & techniques to assist couples and individuals in getting back on track for the life they deserve. This is all done in a matter of months, instead of years.
                                   The Horses 
Pictured to the left are our three horses we use in both our groups and individual sessions.

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We are located in the Countryside of St George, SC. 29477 

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